Michael Martin Life & General Insurance Brokers was established in 1961, in Athlone, and in the intervening years has developed a reputation for providing a professional and top quality friendly service on all aspects of life assurance.

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How do you choose a financial adviser?

To start with, any financial adviser you choose must be regulated by the Financial Regulator. This ensures that they are qualified to give you independent, professional advice and that their business is sound and legally compliant.

They should also at least be members of the Irish Brokers Association (IBA) and preferably be registered as Qualified Financial Advisers too.         read more... 

All of our services are geared towards providing the best possible service to our existing and new customers.

We provide independent advice. We can review your finances for free in these recessionary times and try to save you money.

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The dreaded "Credit Crunch"
The words ‘credit crunch’ are relatively new to most people outside the world of finance, but as the impact of the credit crunch spreads beyond the financial sector it’s worth taking note of what they mean for you and your money.
Your pension is another part of your financial planning that you should consider, even as we face harsher economic times       read more...  


  Very happy with the service. Michael Martin Insurance got me an alternative insurer at my last renewal - same cover and cheaper price.No hassle and all  the work was done for me. Life Client 24/08/2016

  Never had a claim in my life until recently.

 Serious Illness Policy in place for years and had to call on that policy due to recent diagnosis. Very nerve wrecking experience. Aidan took me through the claim process and advised what medical reports were required for submission to insurer. Serious illness claim cheque arrived before I started my treatment which gave me great peace of mind knowing I was going to be out of work for some time. Glad to say I am now back to work. Well Done to my broker for all the help!!!  Serious Illness Policy Client 08/05/2016

I took out a protection policy with Aidan three years ago as I work for myself and had no protection cover in place on myself. Three months ago I fell in work and as a result of some cracked ribs etc I was out of work for almost 20 weeks. Aidan dropped out a cheque to me last week which effectively covered most of my wages for that unpaid period off work. Much appreciated. Personal accident cover client 26/01/17.  

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Lothwood Ltd. T/A Michael Martin Life & General Insurance Broker is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Michael Martin Life and General Insurance Broker is the registered business name of Lothwood Ltd. Directors: A. J. Hand, T. M. Hand. Registered in Dublin. Reg. No.: 114496